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How to engage GoplarDB for your business


We work for several companies, from early stage startups to large corporation and people often ask how to engage GoplarDB for consulting, support and remote DBA services? We are not an “one size fits all” model corporation, our highly customized engagement and billing model made us the most compelling web-scale Data Ops. Services provider in building optimal, scalable, highly available, fault tolerant and reliable Database Infrastructure Operations. There are several ways you can engage GoplarDB for business:


We want to build a web-scale database infrastructure operation in MySQL, MariaDB, MyRocks and ClickHouse, can you guys help us?

Yes, you are talking to the right team! We are pioneers in building planet-scale database infrastructure operations in MySQL and MariaDB with core expertise in performance, scalability and database reliability engineering for customers across the globe. We are available for both on-site and remote consulting on a short notice, we bill only for hours our consultants are engaged, the matrix below explains both on-site and remote consulting plans:

  • MySQL and MariaDB on-site consulting plan

       On-Site MySQL Consulting Rate

       8 Hours Minimum GB £200 / hour

  • ClickHouse on-site consulting plan

       On-Site ClickHouse Consulting Rate

       8 Hours Minimum GB £300 / hour

  • MySQL and MariaDB remote consulting plan

      Remote MySQL Consulting Rate

      2 Hours Minimum GB £150 / hour

  • ClickHouse remote consulting plan

       Remote ClickHouse Consulting Rate

       8 Hours Minimum GB £250 / hour

Why engage GoplarDB for support?

GoplarDB support is a most cost-effective MySQL support saving up to 90% cost of hiring a full-time Sr. MySQL DBA. Our MySQL support team proactively measure your MySQL performance matrices and troubleshoot before the issue impact the business. Our MySQL support operates 24*7*365 with strict SLA so you can focus completely on growing business and we will manage your data. Even when you have a resident DBA our expert MySQL support team can solve the same issue more proactively and faster, this enables maximum reliability of your database infrastructure operations.

GoplarDB Support Plan for MySQL, MariaDB AND PERCONA

Enterprise-class MySQL Consultative Support (24*7)        Rate  GB £25,000 / Year

Unlimited MySQL Instances    


Technical support — 30-minute response time (S1)

Support -levels – We have very well-defined support infrastructure operations function:

  • Severity 1– Instant consideration needed, the customer’s business is severely impacted, and database infrastructure is unavailable.

Response time (SLA) – 30 minutes.

  • Severity 2– Customer database infrastructure is up and running but performance and scalability issues are directly impacting business.

Response time (SLA) – 12 hours.

  • Severity 3– Low impact situation, Customer business and production infrastructure is functioning normally, but the problem is impacting the development environments, also causing delay in production deployment.

Response time (SLA) – 24 hours.

  • Severity 4– Low to no impact situation, it is more about knowing the features and capability of components before considering the adoption.

Response time (SLA) – 48 hours.

How do we engage GoplarDB for remote DBA services?

We deliver 24*7 MySQL Remote DBA services by continuous monitoring and proactive troubleshooting of MySQL database infrastructure operations. Our DBAs operate remotely from multiple locations worldwide guaranteeing 24*7 MySQL DBA availability for your business. Our Sr. DBAs are experienced in architecting and building optimal, scalable and highly available MySQL infrastructure operations so you can focus on growing the business we will manage your database systems. We are not a yet another MySQL DBA outsourcing company rather an extended team of your business accountable for maximum availability of database operations.


GoplarDB Remote DBA Plans

             Remote DBA Plan                                                                             Rate


          On-Demand Remote DBA

          (8 hours Remote DBA per month)                                             GB £1,500 / month


          Quarter DBA

          (40 hours of remote DBA services per month)                       GB £6,000 / month


          Half DBA

          (80 hours of remote DBA services per month)                       GB £10,000 / month


          Full DBA

          (160 hours of remote DBA services per month)                    GB £15,000 / month


          The Ultimate DBA

          (Remote DBA services for 24*7*365)                                       GB £54,000 / month


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