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Installing SphinxSE AS plugin MySQL 5.7.25 on Ubuntu 18.04 bionic

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Sphinx is a Linux and Windows based search engine service which lets full text searching of tremendously large databases in a very effective and fast manner We are here provided that the steps for sphinx mysql integration



As you previously know, the current MySQL absences Sphinx support and our goal is to make the installation with the features of Sphinx. To allow an extra feature, we need to modify the core binary of the request. Which can only be completed through conformation of the source files accessible as .tar.gz file or as Source. Since the customization in this case is to be completed on the installed version, we should use the particular version of MySQL Source to make the source file settings.

Go to your home directory

Download MySQL-5.7

Here we are going to download the Sphinx storage engine and add the SphinxSE as MySQL plugin, so that the SphinxSE can interact with Sphinx Server, searched. Download SphinxSE plugin compatible with MySQL-5.7

Copy the mysqlse directory from sphinx to mysql:

Place into MySQL Folder: Now you have to compile the code for generating the binary file plugin for sphinxSE integration.

After running the make command it will take some time to compile the code. Make sure that the is created inside the storage/sphinx folder. If it didn’t, may be we did something wrong. You need to check out on that.

Next step is to copy the compiled shared object / library from the storage/sphinx to the MySQL plugin folder. Now we have to install the plugin. For that login to the MySQL server as root and execute the command. Verify whether the storage engine is enabled or not .

How to Uninstall the plugin: You can also uninstall the plugin by using the following command.

In my next blog i will further describe how to use the sphinxSE from inside MySQL and how to use sphinx as MySQL storage engine.

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