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Santa Claus In Trouble Again 2 Download Full premgav




There is a package at the end of the level that you have to deliver. Before each level, you will read its story that is also presented in the style of a newspaper (written in [adl]{.smallcaps}). You will also hear background stories from an unseen narrator. This narrator can be turned on or off in the game options. The game follows a linear structure. There are 15 levels (including the extra bonus round) in total. You cannot skip a level. Each level consists of a set of puzzles where you can manipulate objects in different ways. After solving each puzzle, you will find a package that is ready for delivery. The difficulty of the puzzles will increase along with the number of presents in each level. You can change the difficulty level in game options. The game consists of two gameplay modes. In the "Start" mode, you must go through all of the levels in the set order. To win the game, you must collect all presents and deliver them to the object at the end of the game. To collect presents, you must use certain gestures to activate objects. After all of the presents have been collected, you will find the package at the end of the game, which will open a link that will take you to the next chapter. When the game is over, you will see a summary screen. In the "Play for points" mode, after a level is completed, a set of presents will appear. You will be able to collect as many presents as possible. You will be awarded points for each one you collect and these points will increase your overall score. The points system is described in the game options. At the end of the level, you will see a summary screen that will give you the number of presents you have collected and your overall score. 2.2. Experiment I: study of cerebral activity {#s0020} ---------------------------------------------




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Santa Claus In Trouble Again 2 Download Full premgav

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