MySQL InnoDB Tablespace Encryption

MySQL Tablespace Encryption is comparatively unassuming to set up. You requirement be by resources of MySQL , innodb_file_per_table

The MySQL documents shelters the whole thing you requirement to set this up:

But my blog column would be actual quick if I just common a link. So....

Once promoted and on MySQL 5.7 you need to have a effective place for your key file. I have a MySQL datadir as /var/lib/mysql/data this allows defaulting positions for people to find it if wanted but also lets a simple mounted position for more disks if wanted as well. This also evades having to do extra edits to selinux and etc meanwhile it by now allows /var/lib/mysql.

OK excessive you have a table.

What about holdups.

Well from my current knowledge innobackupex does not effort, but you can silent use xtrabackup.



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