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Clickhouse Analytics Database

Clickhouse is a new column-oriented database. It’s technologically advanced by the guys over at Yandex, made to scale horizontally practically well and run high speed cumulative queries on billions of rows.

It uses its own SQL language and it matches pl/pgSQL in terms of fluency and ease. It even contains difficult order jobs for working with nested object, like arrayMap and arrayFilter.

Where to use Clickhouse

In brief, Clickhouse is used to run fast analytics on very large number of rows. It is not a transactional database, but it can run aggregate queries on huge amount of data in almost real time.

Clickhouse is destined only for analytic capabilities, so if you have a lot of GROUP BY and aggregate such as COUNT, SUM and DISTINCT it will be furious fast. It will also be wrapping your data.

Clickhouse is amazing

  • It is easy to use and setup.

  • It is not fragile.

  • It is not reinvented.

  • It has very good documentation and community support.

How to Install on Ubuntu

To install official packages, add the Yandex source in /etc/apt/sources.list or in a isolated /etc/apt/sources.list.d/clickhouse.list file:

How to start the server

Client to connect


How to create database and Tables in it.

How to query data in it

Insert Query

Select query

Other queries for changing data parts are not supported: UPDATE, DELETE, REPLACE, MERGE, UPSERT, INSERT UPDATE. But, you can delete old rows using ALTER TABLE ... DROP PARTITION.

How to perform Group by queries

How to move data from MySQL to Clickhouse

Here are the commands for moving the data from MySQL to Clickhouse

To Migrate existing data into the Clickhouse

I hope this blog will help you in understanding the basics of Clickhouse database and after this you will be good to go deep inside the details of Clickhouse database.

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